About Us


About us

Wap-oh! is happy design, unique products which make the day happier. Creative and funny designs for surprising. They are born from original ideas and become practical and high-quality items. Products which expect to make our routine more enjoyable and a more optimistic world, or this is our intention. It is our style, Wap-oh! style.

Wap-oh! has its origin in Brigada Creativa, study of design and small shop of own items. Due to the success of this one, with some international recognised products as the Life Calendar and our spirit to continue with this line, Wap-oh! is born.

We design and work in Sabadell, Barcelona. We are pleased to be part of the label Design from Bcn, contributing with excitement and effort, hoping to be at the height of the prospects. In reality, our production is local and has a worldwide distribution.

Two sisters, Raquel and Anabel, make this project possible. Raquel Catalan, the designer, leads this team and is the deep thinker, from who our special products emerge and, surely, many more will come. To conquer the world, she has convinced Anabel Catalan to be her partner, manage the accounts and bring order to this madness. Together they are a great team which complements each other, works and fights to make this dream come true.